Dear Parents:

We continue to monitor the changing information regarding COVID-19 as we strive to keep our schools open, while also prioritizing the safety of students, families and staff. Thank you for your patience.

Recently, I communicated to our community the immediate offering of an alternative quarantining protocol for students who were identified as having close contact with individuals that tested positive for COVID-19. The optional protocol was recommended by our local Health Department and involves daily testing, mask-wearing, etc.  At the time, we felt it was a good option to pursue immediately as the number of students requiring quarantine outside of school was increasing rapidly.

The quick implementation of the alternative quarantine protocol has achieved our goal of allowing many students to continue attending school face to face. Simultaneously, it generated confusion, stress, and insecurity among some students, families, and staff.  Upon reflection, a slower implementation process that considered in advance a variety of potential scenarios and solutions would have been beneficial.  In addition, better planning of communication systems associated with students, families, and staff involved with the protocol would have reduced the stress and confusion that we’ve been experiencing.

Due to the situation described above, we will be pausing the alternative quarantine protocol beginning this coming Monday, Oct. 25th.  Beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, any students found to be “in close contact” will be quarantined at home for a period of 10 days.  Simultaneously, administration and staff will work together in an effort to produce a revised alternative quarantine protocol, with accompanying communication systems, that will be less confusing, stressful, and provide members of our community a greater feeling of security.

Students currently in the alternative quarantine protocol will be allowed to complete the remaining testing and days of mask-wearing that are required.

Thank you for your understanding.  We are doing our best to keep students safe, while also in school.  Please help us by being patient as we revise our protocol, encouraging your student to wear a mask in school, and please keep your student home if they don’t feel well.

Thank you.  

Joe Hollenbeck, Superintendent