White Bulldog


Dear Mesick Families, 

We received information today from District Health Department #10 regarding changes to the quarantine guidance for schools.  We are now able to waive our traditional quarantine guidelines (10 days) if a student meets the following criteria.  


□ their exposure occurred only in a classroom or bus AND 

□ both the index case (person infected with COVID-19) and the close contact were properly masked AND 

□ both were always at a distance of at least three feet apart from each other AND 

□ appropriate mitigation measures have been followed (for classroom or bus) 

□ the student may continue to attend school instead of being placed into traditional quarantine.

The school will still notify parents that their child was in close contact with an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19.  Parents will be able to decide if they want to quarantine their child.  Parents will need to monitor their child for symptoms, if the child starts to display symptoms parents will need to keep their child at home for 10 days.  This change is quarantine can create a small but real risk of increased infections within the school.     

Some children will still be required to quarantine for 10 days. For example, this would be if a child's social distancing is 3’ or less, they will still be required to quarantine for 10 days. 

This is welcomed news as we have seen minimal cases with students that have been quarantined (typically siblings).  Many parents have seen their healthy child struggle in isolation. We have seen students' grades and effort plummet as well as social-emotional needs not being met. 

This year has been a struggle in many ways and it is my hope that we will finish this year strong and healthy. Mesick Consolidated Schools truly appreciates all of your support throughout this year.  It truly takes a village!  

Blessed to be a Bulldog, 

Scott Akom