White Bulldog

February 12, 2021 

Dear Mesick Families, 

Mesick Consolidated Schools will be closed on Friday, February 19.  

Mesick Consolidated Schools’ employees were given the opportunity, as essential workers, to receive the Covid 19 Vaccination.  Over the past few weeks, more than half of our employees received the first dose of the vaccine.  Because of the different types of vaccines and their revaccination times, the staff is due to receive the second dose on Friday, February 19.   Thankfully we were able to schedule around school and offer coverage for the first vaccination. but we are not able to do this for the second vaccine.  

Mesick has been very fortunate to have only used two (2) weather days so far.  We are allowed to use the closure on February 19 as one of our waived days which will not be needed to be made up.  It is possible that we will have more weather days throughout the year.  

We appreciate your understanding and continued support.  Mesick has been very fortunate throughout this pandemic.  We have been able to stay in-person and have not had to close for a long period of time. We hope that by assisting with the facilitation of school staff vaccinations we will be able to continue to operate in-person instruction and help fight the spread of the virus.  

Again, Mesick Consolidated Schools will be closed on Friday, February 19.  

Blessed to be a Bulldog, 

Scott Akom