Parent Resources

Food Service

Mesick Consolidated School is proud to have its own kitchen services. They offer breakfast and lunch to students, following the State of Michigan and Federal food recommendations to make sure that each student receives a quality and healthy lunch.

Once again this year, EVERY student is eligible for free breakfast before school!

Manage your child’s Lunch Account

Parent Portal

Mesick Consolidated Schools uses Pearson’s PowerSchool for digital attendance and grading. This system allows students, parents, teachers, and administrators to view this information.

Parent Portal

Read by Grade 3

Here is a pamphlet explaining the Read by Grade 3 Law and also includes some ways you can support your child at home.

Parent Guide - 3rd Grade Reading Law

Activities for reading at home

This document has a variety of reading activities and resources you can use at home to help support your child, which include:

  • Reading Resources to access from the internet.
  • Phonemic Awareness Activities      (Ability to hear and distinguish sounds.)   Grades K-3
  • Phonics Activities      (Letters and sounds relationship, including word parts.)   Grades K-3
  • Fluency Activities      (Ability to read with sufficient speed, accuracy and expression.)   
  • Vocabulary Activities      (Childs' knowledge of and memory for word meaning.)   
  • Comprehension Activities      (Ability to understand and draw meaning from text.)  

WMISD Parents Read at Home Plan for Student Success