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Ski Club
Led by teachers Mrs. Fortelka and Mrs. Mohr, Ski Club is available for students throughout the Winter months.  This great opportunity is held every Tuesday after school at Caberfae Peaks.
Departure by Bus:  3:30pm
Return to school:  8:25pm

Please Note:  Decisions about a trip being cancelled due to weather problems will be made no later then 1:00 pm. If a trip is cancelled, the money will just be held for the following week.

Caberfae Fees
Lift  $8.00
Ski Rental  $2.00
Snowboard  $8.00
Adults same as above.
 Checks must be made out to Caberfae.
Bus money must be separated from the ski money if check is used.

Club Bus Fee
$3.00 each person for each trip. This must be paid when ski money is collected.
If you are driving, there is a $2.00 car fee per family.

Sign-up Fee
The sign up is $1.00 per person for processing the paperwork if you sign up by Dec.2nd. Sign up fee after that will be $5.00 per person. To go on the first trip, forms have to be turned in before December 12th. Forms must be turned in to Mrs. Fortelka the week before you want to go. No forms will be accepted on the day of the trip.

Helmet Requirement
Helmets must be worn by all students. If a student does not have one, Caberfae has helmets to use, free of charge. Please make sure helmet rental is noted on the form.

Students must be in good academic standing (no E's) to go on the weekly ski trips.  
Students who received an in- school suspension the day of the trip are not eligible to attend.